Zoftnor Home

27999Exclusive Of All Taxes

Benefits of Zoftnor Home


  • Zero Maintenance
  • Easy Installation & User Friendly
  • Costs Effective
  • Easy To Relocate
  • Low-cost Scheduled Maintenance Sessions
  • Soften more liters of hard water at a lesser price
  • Water consumption is up to 2000 ltrs/day and it is used for domestic/residential purposes.


The Water Softening Game-Changer Is Here!

With the changing environmental conditions, installing a water softener has become one of the mandates, owing to which we have developed Zoftnor Home, an effective water softening solution planned to make water softeners affordable to all. We have designed it in a more compact, and more convenient package. On top of this, it is very easy to install.

We do provide installation, servicing, and many services that bring in a hassle-free user experience. Use water with benefits of services by the company.

The combination of advanced technology of the internal segments of Zoftnor Home makes it more efficient and the plug-and-play process of it makes it more user-friendly.