Showering with hard water causes a lot of damage to our hair and skin. Since soap does not lather well with hard water, we end up using extra shampoo and body wash. As a result, hair turns frizzy and brittle while skin is itchy and dry. Products like Zoftnor and Mini Zoftnor help in reducing the usage of hair and skin products by creating a good lather with little amount. Soft water washes your scalp clean, without leaving any deposit. You’ll notice your face also feels fresh and irritation-free.

best water filter for hard water


Washing your laundry with hard water shortens the longevity of your clothes. You’ll notice that bright colours fade away after a few washes. The clothing also gets worn out quicker, with the fabric feel stiff or harsh on your skin.

Apart from Zoftnor, mini Zoftnor, you can have Dazzler installed in your water treatment system, for individual washing machines, allowing you to overcome all these problems with ease! Using soft water to do your laundry ensures your clothes stay new, bright and colourful for as long as possible. Clothes washed with soft water also feel softer and more wearable, without causing any irritation.


Hard water is notorious for causing appliances and pipelines to break down often. From creating scale build-up to rust formation, hard water causes several problems that occur in your kitchen pipes, washing machines, geysers, showers, dish-washers etc.

You can eliminate these issues by installing Zoftnor or Descaler as a whole-house treatment system. Zoftnor and Descaler both supply soft water to all appliances and pipelines, ensuring they function efficiently. No repair bills, no excess electricity consumption.


You would’ve noticed that even after you clean your washroom, it quickly gets greasy and stained again. That’s hard water at work! The limescale build-up on the tiled floor is resistant to cleaning products and requires a lot of effort. Faucets, shower heads and sinks also lose their appeal and appear spotty and rusted.

With Descaler and Zoftnor’s treated soft water, you’ll notice that your bathroom, kitchen and tiled floors get cleaned easily with little cleaning product. They will also stay clean for a longer time. Say goodbye to those unsightly stains and stubborn limescale.