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Zoftnor Pro

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The Water Softening
Game-Changer Is Here!

Incredible 5 stage softening mechanism

The visible debris and contaminants existing in water are filtered and contaminated hard water is converted to clean hard water.

The Calcium Carbonate (CaCo3) and Magnesium Carbonate (MgCo3) bonding is broken from the clean hard water.

Micro metal ions are converted to Nano metal ions, where the water molecule becomes weak.

pH+ value of water is improvised from 0.5 to 1, depending upon the nature of water.

CaCo3 and MgCo3 bonding is continuously separated, which is the only reason to cause scaling. The water plunging out is 100% soft water with 6000 litres/hour capacity.

Benefits of Renting Zoftnor Pro
Zero Maintenance Easy Installation & User Friendly Costs Effective Refundable security deposit
Easy To Relocate Zero Investment Low-cost Scheduled Maintenance Sessions Soften more litres of hard water at a lesser price

For Homes, Apartments & Commercial Applications

Anti Corrosion

Pipes Protection


Life Protection

Crops & Plants

Healthy Growth

Cloth Life


Baby & Adult

Skin Protection

Hair Protection

Stops dryness

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Cost of the Product - Rs. 49,999/- (MRP) The max limit of soft water /day - is 6000 Litres.
Service for Quality - services and maintenance will be provided by the company.

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